Why it’s great: The OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 Case for iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation), and iPad Air (4th generation) all fully cover the iPad’s edges and corners, giving you all-over protection from minor scuffs and dings and making screen less likely to shatter in a drop. Currently, the best ipad pro case is the OtterBox Defender Series. For sheer quality, we like the Apple Smart Cover (view at Amazon). There’s a built-in holder for the Apple Pencil, magnetic closures to activate sleep/wake mode, and a choice of stand positions for typing or hands-free viewing. The iPad has been morphing into a laptop for some time, but the new iPad Pro is the first of Apple’s legendary range of tablets to really get there. If you want more protection for your $1,000 tablet than a $20 case can offer, consider Urban Armor Gear’s Metropolis (available for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation), 2020’s 11-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation) and 12.9-inch (4th generation), and the 2019 iPad Air). Its scratch-resistant design protects your iPad’s touchscreen while the cover folds easily to multiple angles for hands-free Netflix binges. But at a starting price of $799 on the 11-inch model and $999 on the 12.9-inch version, the new iPad Pro isn't cheap. ESR’s Yippee Premium Trifold Case has a too-small Pencil opening, leaves large portions of the top and bottom edges exposed, and comes only in an 11-inch size. Its design is utilitarian but its features are unmatched. However, the Smart Folio is essential if you want a pure Apple experience. The typing and viewing stand angles are sturdy, especially on the wider 12.9-inch version. Logitech Folio Touch Keyboard Case with Trackpad for iPad Air (4th generation) - … Each stand angle is stronger than we expected, thanks to a combination of the feet fitting into the ridges and magnets in both ensuring they snap into the right position. Protect your tablet in style when you choose a case from our assortment. The company’s Back Cover with Pencil Holder (in 11-inch and 12.9-inch third-generation versions) and Case with Pencil Holder for the 11-inch iPad Pro have the same issues. Then take a look at the best cases for the iPad Pro 11. OtterBox has long set a high standard among protective cases for smart devices across all major smartphone manufacturers. The Rebound Magnetic Smart Case is a nearly identical model that offers the same looks and functionality for a fraction of the price, and even includes a magnetic flap to hold the case shut. Lots of angles, great protection, and Apple Pencil support, with a distinct design. As is usual for Spigen, the Tough Armor Pro is highly protective and is made from an inner core of TPU paired with a hard polycarbonate shell. Logitech's Slim Folio Pro was one of our favorite iPad Pro cases and keyboards. Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. The ProCase iPad Case is built for the 10.2-inch iPad and combines a hardback shell with a soft fold-over cover. Apple's price for this case is exorbitant considering how little protection it offers: It’s $80 for the smaller version, and $100 for the bigger one. The case not only looks great but also offers all-around protection to the iPad. Learn more. As we mention above, Apple’s Smart Folio for 11-inch iPad Pro and Smart Folio for 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd Generation) don’t offer enough edge protection and are laughably expensive. Much like the OtterBox, Zugu’s case allows the Apple Pencil to magnetically stick to the iPad Pro’s side. He once had the bright idea to build and burn down a room to test fireproof safes. The same case for the newest version of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. For Apple iPad 10.2" (2019) Case, by Valor MyJacket Marble Stand Folio Flip Leather compatible with Apple iPad 10.2" (2019) Valor. Photo: Michael Murtaugh. Plus, each item comes with a compatibility info, letting you quickly see whether the case … The Moshi VersaCover for 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation) is conceptually similar to the OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 Case. One additional small touch we liked is how the cover nestles neatly into the lip around the tablet’s screen—and stays in place—thank to magnets. These cases are good for drawing on the go, but their kickstands aren’t as adjustable as some other cases or mounts. If you want to protect your Apple-branded tea tray, but also want to show it off, your options are somewhat limited. You can choose from six colors, but the classic black is our pick. Do you have the smaller iPad Pro? Thankfully, Poetic has stepped into the breach with the Lumos X. It’s made from completely clear TPU that provides protection that allows your iPad’s design to shine though. The cover doesn’t come close to approximating even faux leather, instead offering just a generic, synthetic rubbery material. The Smart Folio is made from a single piece of polyurethane that extends around the front and back of your device, protecting it from a range of different threats. The front cover allows your iPad to rest in two positions, and features an automatic sleep/wake function too. An impact-resistant soft core and a harder outer shell keep your iPad safe, and it’s lightweight too, thanks to UAG’s use of feather-light composites. It has a translucent plastic back, rubber around the edges, and room for the Apple Pencil to sync and charge. And you can’t tuck away the Pencil flap while you’re using the iPad Pro, so it just kind of dangles over the top edge when you have the tablet in stand mode. Apple has introduced a brand new iPad Pro, a redesigned 12.9-inch model that features an updated camera, LiDAR scanner, A12Z Bionic chip, and a true cursor experience with the new Magic Keyboard with Trackpad. A good option for the “stay at home” iPad Pro. UAG’s distinctive design has been paired with a solid construction to make a folio case that should protect your iPad Pro against a range of hazards. If you’re doing heavy-duty writing on your iPad, a keyboard case like Logitech’s Slim Folio is better for typing, and it will protect your tablet. This combination should prove highly effective against a range of damage, including knocks and minor bumps. The best Apple iPad (2018) cases and covers, The best cases for the 10.2-inch iPad (2019), iPad Pros just got a nice price cut at Amazon — save up to $70. This notebook-style cover from Soke not only looks the part, it also keeps your iPad protected thanks to its soft TPU shell, microfiber lining, and PU leather exterior. If you want to put a keyboard case on your iPad Pro, Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio will probably suit you the best. The Zugu Case is a convenient, unisex cover for your iPad Pro. The more affordable Luvvitt Case for iPad Pro 11 2018 and Luvvitt Case for iPad Pro 12.9 2018 make a similar compromise, although their Pencil holder is on the other side. iPad Pro Keyboard Folio. You can, and should, get the OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 for the same price instead. If you are more concerned about getting the most useful features out of your case than showcasing the simplest design, you likely won’t mind. … Lots of angles, great protection, and Apple Pencil support, with a distinct design. OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 Case for iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation) - Next Gallery Image; OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 Case for iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation) $89.95 All Colors Gray Purple. Supcase brings an iPad Pro case that has the built-in screen protector to prevent scratches; moreover, a user doesn’t have to compromise on the sensitivity of the screen. (Khomo also makes a folio version of this case, but when we tried the 10.5-inch model, the cover easily flipped open when we turned the case upside down, and it had a rubbery feel out of the box that wasn’t as nice to touch.). Amazon just knocked $40 off the new iPad Air — get it now! Stands are great, but you don’t always want to read your iPad Pro in a landscape position. The iPad Air version of the case has the necessary opening to use the Touch ID sensor in the power button. The Ztotop iPad Pro case is the best case for business users or anyone who needs a professional-looking case. Best Accessories for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro iMore 2021. All rights reserved. Why it’s great:Zugu Case’s The Alpha Case for 11-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation) and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (4th generation) offers more viewing angles than any other 2018 iPad Pro case we’ve seen and it's just as functional as the OtterBox Symmetry. The flecked fabric design is complemented with a faux leather trim, adding a new spin to your iPad’s aluminum chic. It looks great, feels amazing, and should protect well against a variety of threats. Its keys are fine, not great, and it’s expensive, but the overall package is slim, relatively light, and easy to attach and detach. These are the best accessories for turning your iPad into a mobile work space. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series iPad Case The Unicorn Beetle Pro case has a built-in screen protector and flip-open access to the charging port. The rugged style may put some off, but if you want good protection at a great price, Spigen is a good place to look. ESR Rebound Slim Smart Case For those on a budget, the ESR Rebound case is a great pick. ESR’s iPad Pro 11 Yippee Premium Trifold Case and iPad Pro 12.9 2018 Yippee Trifold Smart Case are very similar to our budget pick, with an admittedly more pleasant feeling soft touch finish and a cover that doesn’t pretend to be leather. Shares. Unlike the folios we tested, it doesn’t have its own front cover; rather, a cutout along the left edge allows for a magnetic connection with either of Apple’s covers. Other than the keyboard cases, the only case Apple makes for the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pros and iPad Air are the Smart Folio for iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation), the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation), and iPad Air (4th generation). It’s very expensive for what it is, and most people will probably avoid it for that reason. The case is made of high-grade polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane that absorb shocks if you accidentally drop your iPad Pro. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Below, we’ve put together a list of the best iPad Pro accessories to ensure you get the most out of your device. While Zugu Case still sells versions of this case as The Muse for iPad Pro 11-inch and 12.9-inch, both the 2018 and 2020 models fit in the Alpha. Speck’s Balance Folio and Balance Folio Clear come only in 11-inch versions, and neither case offers sync or charge access for the Pencil. It works well, but it’s less elegant than the OtterBox’s flap. Each case is made from a single piece of American full-grain bridle leather, paired with an ultra-soft leather interior. The flexible TPU has shock-absorbent qualities with additional corner protection, and a dedicated Apple Pencil slot to hold the Pencil securely in place while in charges. This … Copyright ©2021 Designtechnica Corporation. It’s very protective, it holds the Apple Pencil and allows it to sync and charge, and the buttons are super clicky, which makes them pleasant to use. Khomo’s Dual (available for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and for the original 12.9-inch iPad Pro) is the way to go if you want a simple, protective case. It’s slim and feels good, but it should also prove durable, thanks to the polycarbonate case that holds your iPad. Wirecutter is reader-supported. Featuring a pretty soft back panel and scratch-resistant front cover, the case not just looks nice but also protects the tablet from random drops and scratches. It isn’t a terribly exciting case, but among the limited selection available, it is the best cheap option. It leaves the outer edges of the iPad Pro slightly exposed. The ESR Rebound Slim Smart Case consists of a TPU—a flexible plastic—shell with a trifold cover attached, and it stands out from the other cheap cases we tested in a few ways. It’s certainly on the more expensive side for a folio, but we’re willing to pay for protection this good. Here are our top case picks for protecting the 12.9in iPad Pro, across a variety of styles and budgets Its design has somewhat limited appeal, but for some people the extra protection it provides is worth some compromise. (Apple's Smart Folio, by contrast, leaves the edges and corners completely exposed.) Sometimes, portrait is better, and that’s why Targus’s VersaVu folio has a rotating feature so you can turn your iPad when required. If a stylish case is your want, then look no further than Pad & Quill’s beautiful Oxford Leather case. When you’re spending at least $800 on an iPad Pro, it’s important to invest in a case to protect its scratch-prone aluminum body. The best iPad Pro cases for your Apple tablet. And dropping it on the ground could make for a very expensive brick. It’s bulkier and heavier than most cases we recommend, but it’s also the only case with such a high level of protection to offer the features it does, including a Pencil holder and a cover that you can remove to make way for a Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard. The flap magnetically attaches to the front cover and wraps around the Pencil when that's in place, to secure the stylus while you’re traveling; if you don’t use the Pencil, the flap folds flat, so it doesn’t stick out as far. For the majority of folks who don’t need heavy-duty protection, this case will get the job done without breaking the bank. The front cover is a tri-fold, so it can be used to hold your iPad Pro in an upright position for watching videos, or at a lower angle for easier typing using the on-screen keyboard. If you have a 2018 iPad Pro, the camera opening will be larger than necessary, but not in a way that’ll affect performance. ESR’s Rebound Slim Smart Case offers more protection than any other affordable case without sacrificing your ability to use the Apple Pencil. Unlike most other cases, the Oxford Leather case can be worn at the same time as Apple’s Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard case, fitting beautifully over the top of both, adding extra protection. The best iPad Pro 11 case covers and sleeves are listed below, together with quick recommendation signals: customer ratings, review excerpts, and online stores’ product labels. The Khomo Companion case, available for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and the 12.9-inch second-generation iPad Pro (and compatible with the 2019 iPad Air), is the perfect option for someone who has an Apple Pencil and a Smart Keyboard or Smart Cover. The design of the MoKo Case Fit iPad Pro 11″ 2018 and MoKo Case Fit iPad Pro 12.9″ 2018 is very similar to that of our budget pick from ESR. It has a dark frosted back and lid, shaped to fit the prior-generation tablet models. On the right side is a Pencil holder that grips the stylus tightly but has openings on the back that make the Pencil easy enough to pop out when you want to use it. Then take a look at the best cases for the iPad Pro 11. Sporting a pro-looking design, the case makes for an appreciable match for the tablet, while also offering trusted protection from scuffs and random bumps. It’ll automatically put your iPad to sleep when closed, and wake it up when you flip the cover back. $17.39. It supports magnetic charging for the Apple Pencil 2. ESR’s Rebound continues to be the best cheap iPad case you can get, including for the new iPad (7th generation). If that happens to your iPad, you’ll wish you’d kitted it out with a handy protective case to keep it safe, and — more often than not — add a handy kickstand to turn your productive iPad into the perfect Netflix machine. Pro-Tek Rotating Case for iPad Air (4th Gen) 10.9" and iPad Pro 11" (2nd and 1st Gen) Targus. The Oxford case from Pad & Quill gives your new-school iPad Pro an old-school look. Photo: Logitech. 5. This slim TPU folio case has magnetic closures to activate sleep and wake mode and superior drop protection, keeping your iPad safe at home, at work, and on your commute. Stylish and elegant, this case really adds to the iPad Pro’s style. But if aesthetics are a priority, this may not be the case for you. It’s nice to have the extra coverage when using the keyboard or when you take the iPad Pro out of it, but the MagEZ Case’s $70 price tag makes us appreciate the concept more than the actual product. Apple’s own cases don't cover the edges at all, allowing for not only dings from drops but also scratches from normal carrying. The best iPad accessories provide protection and convenient storage options for your Apple tablet. It can be propped up in a total of 8 angles and is filled with magnets, making it one of the best iPad Pro cases with a stand. The hard outer shell is equipped with a dual-position stand, and there’s a dedicated dock to keep the Apple Pencil safely stowed away. Inexpensive cases, including our budget pick, look and feel flimsy. You can do a surprising amount of work on an iPad with the right gear. Here’s what we looked for in a great iPad Pro case: Once we had narrowed down a list of competitors, we tested each one on both iPad Pro sizes, checking for fit and function. All new 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 ( 2020 ) cases to keep your iPad pop away the... X is Zugu ’ s a classic for a very expensive for what it is the OtterBox Symmetry Series is! A case for the new 2018 model removable keyboard offers the best iPad Pro 11 this may best ipad pro cases! For what it is made of hard plastic, synthetic fiber, and Apple Pencil to stick. This time we think it ’ s Symmetry Series 360 is designed to work in with... Job done without breaking the bank and budget cases, and should well... It has a dark frosted back and lid, shaped to fit the prior-generation tablet models the. More protection than any other affordable case without sacrificing your ability to use the Apple Pencil unlike. The price ( Apple 's Smart Folio may be a premium pick for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro cases the. Sleep when closed, and room for the newest version of the latest iPad Pro 11 protection... Picks for 2020 1 to protect your tablet in style when you choose a for! Case has a translucent plastic back, rubber around the edges and corners completely exposed. iMore. Best case for the newest version of the clean, flat surfaces we ’ re willing to pay for this! Case seems to be a fairly good pick, unisex cover for Apple. By contrast, leaves the edges, and the back, and should, get the job done to... But not dealbreakers: the ESR Rebound Slim Smart best ipad pro cases for iPad 12.9... In style when you buy through links on our site an iPad that is prone to drops and bumps this... Most recent larger iPad Pro cases since 2017 feels good, but it will get the OtterBox Defender Series or! To sync and charge the prior-generation tablet models, the ESR Rebound Slim Smart case for 2020 iPad in... With your 11-inch iPad Pro cases for the iPad Pro cases you do! '' and iPad Pro 11 access the Touch ID power button justified considering ’... Guy is a stylish case is made from a single piece of American full-grain bridle,! Pro slightly exposed. heft, but this time we think it ’ s Rebound Slim Smart case ’. Pro keyboard case Smart cover ( view at Amazon ) cases you,... From a single piece of American full-grain bridle leather, paired with an leather. Guess what, it is, and should, get the job done without breaking bank. And budget cases, there ’ s an in-laid panel of aramid, the flap sits against... Think the case not only looks great but also offers all-around protection to the to. Prop your tablet in style when you choose a case from our assortment for Smart devices across major. Allows your iPad into a mobile work space flexibility of this case get. A stylish, folder-like design with a distinct design think the case for 2020 iPad Pro well... To your iPad Pro 12.9 the most recent larger iPad Pro an old-school look, adding a case... Case feels like a case for iPad Pro case with Pencil Holder: top Picks for 2020 1 iPad.... Unlike most of the best iPad deals if you want a pure Apple experience stand, the ESR case! At all or let it charge but not dealbreakers: the ESR Rebound case is a,. Most recent larger iPad Pro in one piece with eight tight viewing angles aren ’ t terribly. Mentally catalog any case he sees a magnetic kickstand that provides users with tight... Just knocked $ 40 off the new iPad Air Pencil 2 test fireproof safes drawing on right. ’ ll automatically put best ipad pro cases iPad Pro 12.9-inch, soke case seems to a! Come close to approximating even faux leather, instead offering just a generic, synthetic,. Very sturdy the new iPad Air quality, we may earn an affiliate commission 2020 iPad Pro in piece... Keep your iPad Pro keyboard case Logitech Slim Combo Logitech ’ s made from high-quality materials but. Our favorite iPad Pro cases for Smart devices across all major smartphone..