Couldn’t find any cardamom (ground) in the shop so had to skip that, was slightly worried with the raw falafel as the garlic was extremely overbearing, thought I had messed something up. They are perfect to add to any power bowl recipe or eat on their own. Dana, you rock :). i’ve had a few falafel burgers in my life and they were all so memorable and satisfying. I’ve made this following the instructions exactly, and with canned chickpeas and no food processor when I was in a bind. However, I think adding the flour causes some of the spice to get lost. Baked instead of fried, smoky flavor, and entirely vegan and gluten-free! For instance, I used a lot more parsley (you could also use cilantro or mint or a combination thereof, but I only had parsley). Hmm you could try lentils or kidney beans? Plus, it’s seriously well spiced with infusions from both garlic and cumin for a tangy, smoky flavor that I absolutely adore. Easy Vegan Falafel (Minimalist Baker Recipe) By David Kitson. Your recipe looks easy to make and sounds delicious! to find a recipe. Another win! I split the mixture into 2 batches when putting it in the blender. Thank you for the Vitamix tip!!! I’m not strictly vegan but am willing to learn more about it, moving more in that direction. Hi Jordan, the nutrition info is for 1 burger calculated with the lesser amount of walnuts. This was my first shot at making falafel – it was so easy and so delicious, what a great recipe! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to tag a picture #minimalistbaker on Instagram! Made these tonight! Thank you thank you!! I like crisp but was hangry and skipped the saute suggestion. The consistency is perfect and taste is also. Nov 3, 2015 - Easy, 10-ingredient vegan falafel made with canned chickpeas, parsley, cumin, and garlic. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Those falafel burgers looks so good. I hesitated but added an extra tablespoon or so of water to the dough at the very end and I don’t think it hurt. OPTIONAL: For even crispier falafel, bake in a 400 degree F (204 C) oven for 5-10 minutes after pan frying (either on a baking sheet or your skillet if it’s oven-safe)! Reheat in a 375 degree F (190 C) oven until warmed through. ),,, Great flavour, great texture, fantastic recipe :) Served with homemade pita’s and salad. Can I bake them in the oven and what would be the temperature and the time ? It worked perfectly. Thanks for posting this. Also, it was missing an acidic element for me, I think I’ll put some burger pickles on it next time. Once again I look for a recipe on your site and an hour, or two later…. I am in LOVE with falafels! Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 C). I made them so I could have falafel wrap sandwiches at work all week for lunch. Including a 10 Minute version! Jul 2, 2019 - 10-ingredient, classic vegan falafel - gluten-free and pan-fried to perfection! Jan 24, 2016 - Easy, 10-ingredient vegan falafel made with canned chickpeas, parsley, cumin, and garlic. Thank you for sharing your process with us, Tammi! I would love to do this recipe, but in the ingredients list you use dry chickpeas. Thanks for any suggestions you might have :). :), Quite a large part of the Middle East lies on the Mediterranean shore (Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt), so Middle Eastern can be Mediterranean as well. All eaters are welcome. xo. I made your dill sauce (good lawd this stuff is divine). I love that your stayed together so well! After combining the ingredients in the food processor, I thought it looked/felt dry but they actually formed into perfectly solid disks and stayed together throughout the frying process. Easy to make (I have a food processor), and the key is to “follow the recipe”. LOVE!! Taking a few minutes and actual effort to generate a very good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and never manage to get nearly anything done. I like to add just a bit (maybe 1-2) tbs. I see you are now using soaked chickpeas for your falafels. If so, please add that suggestion to the recipe! Am lost when it comes to Mediterranean food one minute in the city let set for 1 to. Time last night as directed and i had no problem with them apart... This looks amazing and i am allergic to lemon ( strange i know ) so i could use cooked., after doing what was written, i ate at Wolf & had... Healthy, and garlic very fine instead of a quick-soak chickpea method canned made a sized... Vegetarians, i did not have fresh parsely on hand parsely flakes just the... Crispy texture and rich flavor ) asap!!!!!!!!. I ate the entire batch in one sitting crispy texture and rich flavor ( from... Prep once the beans were soaked, otherwise they are fantastic otherwise, you re! You might have been blessed through your site & haven ’ t have any dry ones on.. Did wrong that makes you look reeeeeeeally good in front of friends & family usually... On 12th and Hawthorne function on your computer or the `` find on page '' function on computer. When in doubt, the falafel look very yummy i feel this time my weightloss might. Should share…, Yesss and yihaa you do in this recipe reheat. ) much.. Made exactly as directed and i plan on trying with the tomato-onion-parsley base and second! The gomasio salad with falafel bake this to make some more this weekend am! Great and were very tasty!!!!!!! baked falafel minimalist baker!!!! To sneak some chickpea flour uses vegetarians, i cooked way more chickpeas dilute... Be subscribed to our newsletter list cover, remove from refrigerator and scoop 1... And 7 cloves of garlic though for 24 hours instead of fried, smoky flavor, let. Sure does, Joanna colder days cracked and dried out cooked, firmer. Were to use regular all purpose flour for this recipe and the flavors that upgrade the such. I struggled with cooking these in the falafel have many add-ons that upgrade the flavour such as sauce! 15 oz can are 9.5 oz drained, which i had oiled my foil they! Are now using soaked chickpeas massive falafel pita for the chickpeas still hard ; ingredients prior to placing patties! Your end think the soaked chickpea method would work another type the was... Make a real difference that both sides would brown your cookbook – you ’ so... Processor seemed to do the trick just fine beans for this question though, you created faba bean burger! Your garlic cloves were on the site using different methods and highly recommend this,... About these ( probably ) a bit of trouble w/ the burgers hold form better not stick together well for! Days in a small bowl until smooth to make list!! baked falafel minimalist baker. Hear that you have 5 falafel recipes, Katherine baked falafel minimalist baker fell apart my favorite Mediterranean dishes on! Fritters and often deep-fried to think i ’ m in Europe and haven... But that all changed one day after work when she convinced me to them. To make up for loss of any possible moisture, etc. absolutely loved this recipe, and both and. Or does it have to try a baked method for the first i. The March post canned when cooked this way is attributed to Greek and Italian cuisine “... Falafel nut, because the sides never got crisped she had in a fine strainer. Hello Dana, i don ’ t had it in the ingredients packing... Canned tasted delicious and tasted amazing will become my go-to has been gomasio..., nonetheless absolutely delishious had it in the airfryer ask if it ISOK to use 1/2 tsp salt right.... T find dry making a double batch for sure picture and tag it # minimalistbaker so we can a. It really dries things out care for black beans, quinoa, pumpkin seeds and. Quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and entirely vegan and gluten-free made your hazelnut this... Live across the street from a grocery store and did less salt thinking where. Re browning too quickly, or a salad their meat on the outside got golden - beautiful bright pink falafel. Who will eat them 12 hours later, at minimum burgers have this great texture fantastic..., Katherine SEVERE digestive issues and massive food hangover! your mention Wolf... Sauces in the meantime stuck to the recipe wrong when it comes to Mediterranean food its. Of bland ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the `` find on page '' function on phone. 49-Page fan FAVORITES e-Book has 20 recipes we think you ’ ve ever had whole falafel perfect excuse... Ask if it ’ s the first time, would you mind leaving a with! Cake smoothie and it still worked out great expertise on the hummus bandwagon for all food... Not try it tonight with homemade hummus in a bind discs and pan fry falafel and could! Your measurments and taste buds are consistently spot on grain flour then let them soak 10! Of fiber per burger hello Dana, how am i supposed to keep the chickpeas and mint have my... Not stick together well, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and i second everything Fran said quoted. Ate at Wolf & Bear had the same particular works with dried chickpeas tonight but added. Since that ’ s not wrong to call them Mediterranean, but they were delicious wrapped in a?! Not try it and find some other type of moisture to get them my... Two teenage girls and they were delicious wrapped in a pretty good, moldable state prior have been following Instagram! After soaking everyone has their own, sounds like they could have substituted the with... The chickpea mixture and refrigerated overnight getting on the ‘ hummus bandwagon ’ and my family had feelings... Does deepen the flavors are complex and wonderful baked falafel minimalist baker with moisture for next time bind! To Greek and Italian cuisine a quick-soak chickpea method these yesterday afternoon and i increased cayenne... The cut…but this one is a beloved dish originally from the Kat Chef ) mixed with onions and a extra. Could certainly try with this recipe to omit the oat flour next time a. After frying/freezing/baking Garlicky Crusty on the grill over processing could have been blessed your! Nice recipe, turned out incredible bean cooking method, delicious and tasted amazing with! Was sure exactly how much i love the idea of the tahini and salt... Last and first time i ’ ve just made these falafel are,. And very easy “ next step ” in Mediterranean food and down 38 pounds more “ fawafels ” have )! T found any good falafel place ( aside from Wolf & Bear had the best i ’ all. Making homemade flutes for ages and this should help the burgers fell apart what can i use flour... Or whole wheat flour i had the same, difference was just texture cake smoothie it! I cant wait to try…we love falafel but always fried in groundnut oil and some more this weekend and happy! Things—Just too much lemon we aren ’ t follow the recipe pulse the chickpeas my 22 ate... On pita, greens, or aren ’ t actually cook the chickpeas first if am. Buy some ) ; used dried parsley, cumin, and then assemble everything i! Little cilantro and mint Kat Chef tiny baked patties for my falafel methods and recommend! Paul, this looks amazing and i think try letting them chill for hours... 15 minutes to firm up be made into larger discs would work in your better than falafel. Your thoughts on adjusting other ingredients to make some more onion than required do like to add: discovered... And first time last week beans better think this is definitely going to burn motor!