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MGAEC is a professional creative architectural firm based in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. MGAEC take a diverse approach to projects and innovative design ideas which are the result of a wide experience, and a good grasp of local authority, planning regulations and procedures.

MGAEC was established by Mohammed Al Gharib in 2010, an architect with practical experience in the construction and real estate industry with a visionary approach that is built around architectural perfection, space efficiency, sustainability and cost effectiveness. MGAEC strives to bring a unique and valuable blend of expertise for its valued customers. We provide comprehensive services for all project phases from client relations to conceptual design, construction documents through construction administration and site supervision.

We are a team of professionals with a substantial amount of experience in all phases of design and project management. MGAEC promotes fair and affordable housing, community involvement, historic preservation, sustainability and resource management.

Over the years, we have completed numerous commercial and residential projects for a variety of public and private clients throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain. We believe our success is attributable to our attention to detail, technical experience, creativity, and true professionalism that we bring to every project.

MGAEC collaborates with its clients, bringing together owners, users and professionals to exchange knowledge, needs and efforts, realizing greater results and enhanced solutions. We constantly strive to explore creative opportunities within each project undertaken.


Our firm is recognized as a great place to work, learn and build a career. Our senior staff is distinguished by a long tenure within MGAEC, and serves as a remarkable resource of experience and knowledge. We think of ourselves as a family of professionals, working together in an informal, team-based environment.

We encourage our staff to expand their skills with additional training, coaching and continued education, and support their broad involvement in professional organizations. MGAEC intentionally has no signature design style, rather our design solutions are rooted in extensive research, involving analysis of program, context, image and technical considerations.

Senior design review committees examine architecture and planning projects at key points throughout the design process, and experienced reviewers from outside the firm are invited to offer an impartial assessment, which is seamlessly incorporated into the overall project.


We strive to design buildings that enrich the lives of the people who use them – buildings that gracefully fulfill function and technical expectations, yet appeal as fully to the senses as to the intellect. We pursue ideas that embody the timeless values of the institutions we serve; we believe good buildings reinforce the coherence of their surroundings and maintain their physical and cultural significance over time.

Clients and consultants are collaborative partners in our persistent search for the solution that best fits the needs of the program and site, designing through a creative, iterative process of discovery. We couple our depth of experience with a genuine delight in the craft and technology of buildings as we seek to rise above the physical constraints of any particular project and / or the budget to create memorable places that build communities and celebrate the experience of being in a particular place and in a particular time.

Rather than being guided by abstract theories or a predetermined style, we tailor each project to its individual site, the immediate and regional surroundings, its cultural roots, and to its program, schedule, and cost requirements.We have found this approach to be as appropriate to the single family house as it is to the largest urban design projects.

No building or design component is seen as separate from its immediate landscape and overall environment. The MGAEC approach naturally ensures that sustainability is an organic and fundamental aspect of all our work.

We are grateful to have earned the trust of our discerning clients and dedicated staff for their diligent work and superior performance, and we remain committed to offering the highest standards now and into the future.


We are committed to the highest standards of excellence


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When in the life cycle of a project should I bring the architect into the picture?

As early as possible. Architects can help you define the project in terms that provide meaningful guidance for design. They may also do site studies, help secure planning and zoning approvals, help you work out financing, and a variety of other predesign services.

What should I base my decision to work with a particular firm on?

Personal confidence in the architect is paramount. Seek also an appropriate balance between design ability, technical competence, professional service, and cost. Once you’ve selected the best firm, enter into detailed negotiations regarding services and compensation.

How much time will it take to design a new house, a building renovation or an addition?

The time to complete each project is unique. Your project size, its complexity, the physical site conditions and your aesthetic preferences are just a few of the elements that make your project unique and therefore the time required to design your project can vary. In many cases a building addition and / or renovation will take a few months to complete the design and working drawings required for a building permit. On the other hand, a small project such as a kitchen, dormer addition, or master bedroom suite renovation would take much less time.

Are all architects the same?

No. It would be impossible to have two architects with the same education, knowledge, skills, and values. It is recommended that you take the time to interview at least three architectural firms and determine who is a good fit for your project based on their knowledge, values, business process, and personality. In addition, make sure you trust your architect as they will be collaborating closely with you throughout the duration of your project.

What is a strategy for keeping my project on budget during construction?

Read your construction estimate carefully, avoid making changes during construction, be involved in your project and manage unforeseen costs.

Do you specialize in green architecture?

We can work with you to explore energy efficient building envelopes, mechanical systems and other efficient energy strategies to reduce your home’s environmental impact and operating needs. If your goal is to create a design that is beautiful, healthy and respectful of the environment, our team has the knowledge to help you meet your goal.

How are the services provided by an architect different from the services provided by a general contractor?

Your architect will work with you to define your design problem and document the solution in the form of architectural design drawings and specifications. Your architect will coordinate the work of the structural engineer, lighting design and interior designer. On the other hand, your general contractor will work with subcontractors and building inspectors to build the project.

What are my responsibilities as client?

The more information you can give us about what you want, the better the finished design will be. Your basic requirements are essential, but it is also helpful if you can provide examples of the styles you like, photos or a scrapbook of ideas that inspire you, or any specific products or technologies you want to incorporate, will all help us to make your project bespoke to you. We will discuss these with you to help you define what is important to you. As the project proceeds, we will ask you to make decisions and confirm instructions. Delays can have knock-on effects on the project and late changes in design can be expensive. We will expect you to pay the agreed fees when invoiced within the terms specified.

Is the architect responsible for an underperforming builder?

In general terms, no. The traditional role of an architect is not to supervise the contractor, but to inspect the works and certify them as stated in the contract. Redesign do not act as a contractor or offer full project management. We will agree the level of involvement on site with you at the appropriate time during our appointment.